What is Plasma Pen Therapy?


Plasma Pen Therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately. For good reason, too! It's helping many people get rid of skin issues they've had for years.
There's a lot of questions surrounding Plasma Pen Therapy, so here's a list of the common ones!

What is plasma pen fibroblasting?
The plasma pen is a device that creates a controlled burst of plasma gas energy to create a 1mm round microtrauma to the skin. Beneath this microtrauma, fibroblast cells in the dermis are stimulated and begin producing Type III collagen. Over the next three months, the type III will then produce type I collagen. The body also undergoes an inflammatory response to this microtrauma, sending healing cells that assist in cell repair and new cell production. In short: we’re telling the skin to make more collagen and fix itself.

What is the deal with collagen?
Type I collagen is like strong, flexible scaffolding that keeps our skin strong and bouncy. Unfortunately, we begin to lose type I collagen daily once we reach our 30’s. This natural process of ageing leaves the skin weaker, thinner and more brittle; creating lines, wrinkles and sagging. The only cells in the body capable of making type III collagen (which creates type I) are fibroblast cells, which we spark into action with plasma pen. This is why it’s often referred to as 'fibroblasting.'

So we are not drawing blood for plasma?
No. In fact there is technically no contact of the device to the skin at all; just a ‘plasma arc’ of energy. No needles, no chemicals, no injections are required. We are purely encouraging the skin to undergo its own natural process.

Can I take collagen supplements instead?
Of course. Surely some good quality supplements on the market could replace collagen that’s naturally lost. But no supplement on the planet will repair damage that’s already been done.

Before and after photos show very subtle improvements. Wouldn’t I get better results with plastic surgery?
That would certainly get more dramatic results, however our aim here is not to change the way we look but to turn back the clock and slow the ageing process. We call it ‘ageing gracefully...with help from science.’ You will look like a more youthful, well rested and healthier version of your already beautiful self, without going under anaesthetic, receiving a multitude of medications, suffering significant downtime and financial cost.

What is the down time?
Physically, there is no down time. You will leave your treatment able to function nearly as normal. The microtrauma caused by the plasma energy will leave 1mm carbon crusts behind for 4-10 days and for the first 24 hours the skin might experience discomfort similar to a sunburn. Days 2 and 3 might see swelling as the inflammatory response does its work around the treated area. In day 2-5 as the area heals you might experience some itching, which can be an uncomfortable side effect of the healing process. Contact us for advice on management of these symptoms.

When will I see results and how long will they last?
After the carbon crusts fall off, you will see 40% of the treatment effect immediately. The next 60% will take place over the following three months as the fibroblast cells turn type III collagen into type I. Results are long-lasting: reports out of Europe are stating up to three years.

Does it hurt?
This procedure is certainly not painless but is made significantly more comfortable by the included numbing cream. If applied properly, discomfort is minimal. With that said, every person’s perception of pain is different and influenced by a number of extraneous factors.

Further questions?
This technology is incredibly new to this country so lots of questions are certainly expected! It is fun and exciting to discuss (and even more fun to watch it work) so please send any queries through the details found in the ‘contact’ link.

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Like most great things in life, I fell into aesthetic nursing by accident. Finding the plasma pen and turning it into a side project was done out of interest, excitement, and passion for achieving aesthetic aspirations for people without paying exorbitant costs or injecting questionable chemicals into their bodies.

I look forward to working with you!
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